We are happy to inform our producers that company "NEW STAR" will start printing on PET materials from JULY of this year. This product is suitable for use as coffee packaging, as well as any type of food packaging. High density of PET material contributs the long storage of packed goods.




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We are glad to inform our producers, that "NEW STAR" polyethylene bag factory has start another produce: printing on polypropylene bags. They are usually being used for packaging ice creams, coffee, pasta and much more products. We would like to note that the company NEW STAR offers its customers not only printed rolls of polypropylene, but also packs ready for packaging.




We also continue producing high quality polyethylene bags



Product/price list

We can print maximum 4 colors on "T-shirt" bags: (4-0; 3-1; 3-1; 2-2)

Packages such as "Reiter" with photo printing, dual-layer handles make it possible to get any picture on the bags.

Bags with suspended handles let us use the all volume of bag

These bags have low prices.